8.5" x 11" Print and 4" x 6" Postcard, Papirmass Partner

Papirmass is an independent art subscription that sparks curiosity and inspires creativity. Subscribers all around the world use their monthly mailings to help them discover their next favorite artist.


For the 112 Edition with Papirmass they featured my painting of Garibaldi and Joffre Lakes. Included in the collection is a bio card, a colouring page and an inspirational quote from Emily Dickinson, "Forever is composed of nows". 

Papirmass 112 features a stunning acrylic painting, wonderfully created by Elyse Dodge. Garibaldi is an abstract interpretation of Garibaldi Provincial Park and the Battleship Islands in British Columbia, Canada. Dainty trees dance upward from the island with gentle squiggles of paint, while crisp triangles rise and fall among the mountainscape, together creating a dazzling scene that’s both joyful and calming."

"Elyse has created a series that’s all her own and showcases her special relationship to the mountains that surround her in beautiful British Columbia. Hang this print in your home or hold it gently in your hands.

Elyse’s mini print is a depiction of Joffre Lake Park in British Columbia. This print is a little moodier then our feature print, suggesting it’s an evening at the lake. Or, perhaps Elyse was influenced by the turquoise waters that shimmer at the Park to make a cooler image with dominating blues, greens, and purples. If you like Elyse’s work as much as we do, consider sending this mini print to a friend so that they can learn about Elyse’s work too!"

Click Here for the full interview with Papirmass and here for the 112 Edition.