Van Mural Festival

Traverse, Vancouver Mural Festival
3000 Square foot mural - Aerosol and Latex paint on brick

Located at 812 East Cordova Street, Vancouver BC, Canada

This mural of the Squamish Valley and the Chief Mountain was created for the the Vancouver Mural Festival's Strathcona Street Party which was held on July 22, 2019. The mural will continue to be displayed at this site for hopefully years to come! 

The Mural in Numbers:
19 days from finding out about the mural until completing it
3000 square feet of surface to paint
128 paint colours 
11 days of painting 
81 hours that I was onsite
14 iced soy lattes
3 almost full time painters 
4 single day painters
4 babysitters to help watch my baby (plus an awesome husband to help at home)
... murals take a village and a whole lot of paint