Six Hundred Four

Elevation - Painting for Six Hundred Four
30" Tall x 60" Wide, Acrylic on Canvas, Corporate Partnership

The painting I created for Six Hundred Four was titled "Elevation" for its dual meaning of being high in the mountains and of the elated feeling of being lifted up. This 30" x 60" acrylic painting is my own interpretation of the Garibaldi Provincial Park landscape. The geometric shapes that make up the scenery are the result of a visual deconstruction of the of Black Tusk. The abstract forms and colours illustrate the layers and fragments of the earth pushing together to form the volcanic mountain.

The Dodge Shoe Collection
The Dodge Collection consists of 4 shoe styles with different sections of the painting. The 3 different styles; Cambie Hi, Cambie Lo and Alexander are printed on a premium leather, while the light blue Abbott is printed on a light weight canvas. All shoes are handcrafted by the team at Six Hundred Four. Visit the gallery at 151 Cambie Street or purchase them online at

The Charity
I have chosen to contribute part of the proceeds from the shoe sales to ArtStarts in Schools, a local not-for-profit organization that provides leadership in advocacy for arts in education across British Columbia. ArtStarts focuses on promoting art and creativity among the younger crowd regardless of their socioeconomic status to help them become contributing citizens within their communities.