Hawkeye Island 
24" Tall x 48" Wide, Acrylic on Canvas

This painting represents so much more than just a beautiful West Coast vista. For this commissioned painting, my client wanted to capture the memories from her Sunshine Coast home. Hawkeye Island is a small island she purchased for the community to continue enjoying. The island includes a custom flagpole representing her heritage and even features a secret pirate's cabin complete with a treasure chest. This is one of those magical places that fosters memories to be shared for a lifetime. 

We chose a bright colour palette to compliment all of the colours in her home and to showcase the amazing sunsets from the Sunshine Coast. Beyond Hawkeye Island, you can see the island of Texada reflected on the Salish Sea. This is a piece that can hopefully stay with the family for generations and I am so honored that I was chosen to create it for them.