Lemon Drop

36" Tall x 36" Wide, Acrylic on Canvas 
Private Commission

For this project, my client requested a commissioned painting of the view from his Palm Springs home in a colorful palette that would compliment their space. Once seeing photos of their Donald Wexler designed home I knew I couldn't pass the opportunity to also paint the house itself. I have always loved mid-century modern architecture and was already experimenting with painting dwellings within  landscapes so this project came at the perfect time.  

I had the privilege of staying in their home to fully appreciate the view from sunrise to sunset and take in all the colorful decor and Shag artwork that they had already collected. That inspired me to make some adjustments to the heights of the trees and removed some of the unnecessary noise on the property. The details in the textures on the wall and thin shadow lines were essential to make the painting come to life but also took a great deal of patience. The end result showcases the retro color palette, mid-century 1950's style and impressive desert views in a new and imaginative way.